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Kia Oval

The Kia Oval is the home ground of Surrey Cricket Club and is a world-famous international Cricket venue.

They had been with their energy broker for some twelve years before coming to Fidelity Energy. Having been dissatisfied with the level of service, pro-activity and investment into the partnership of their previous broker, Fidelity Energy was their first port of call.

Due to the size and usage of the stadium, their energy costs were extremely high and had been creeping up for some time. They had become aware that, at the time, oil prices were at a 10-year low and felt that they were not receiving the benefit of that low price.

We began by scouring the market for a solution that would fit them. Most paramount was lowering energy costs and ensuring they were kept low for as long as possible. Therefore, we focused on looking at ‘future prices’ of energy so we could find the best fit.

What we were able to supply was a procurement selection process that resulted in a five-year fixed price for their energy prices.

This saved the Kia Oval over £97,000 on their energy bills across the term of the contract.

This contract started in November 2016, the same percentage saving in today’s market would be closer to the £250,000 mark. A massive chunk of costs to wipe off any company’s bottom line.

They said:

Scott Carey

Operations Director, KIA Oval

Fidelity Energy took control of our energy procurement requirements from start to finish and have provided an exemplary standard of service from the outset. We have been extremely impressed with the professional approach that Fidelity Energy have adopted during the tender process. Their forward-thinking approach throughout has not only resulted in significant savings for The Kia Oval over our new gas and electricity contracts, but has also given us the confidence that we are now paying the most competitive tariff available. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy as a first class ‘energy partner’ for any business interested in keeping energy related expenditure under control.

M Restaurants

M Restaurants was founded by Martin Williams, having moved on from 9 years as Managing Director of the highly acclaimed Gaucho restaurants chain. M prides itself on delivering excellent quality and excellent service.

We were thrilled when they asked us to look into their energy requirements for them. They required an ongoing energy package which would give them competitive rates across their restaurants. They also wanted to be sure that the energy tariff benefits would also suit their requirements.

Their two largest energy expenditures were on electricity and gas. Running large, busy kitchens required almost constant use of both resources and as a result the energy bill was a major cost.

We began by looking through our bank of suppliers and searching for gas and electricity deals that would match with their requirements. Approaching suppliers directly we were able to broker deals on their behalf, helping build up a really diverse range of options.

What we delivered for them were electricity and gas contracts with varied term options that perfectly matched their needs. We were able to save the restaurant chain over £57,000 in energy costs over the contract terms.

They said:

Martin Williams

Founder and CEO of M Restaurants

We got in touch with Fidelity Energy in June 2015 when our existing energy contracts were up for review. Fidelity Energy demonstrated a sound understanding of both our industry and an in-depth knowledge of the UK energy market and delivered new contracts that have benefited our organisation. We were provided with recommendations for both electricity and gas, the different term options available and the benefits of working with each supplier. The new contracts offered by Fidelity Energy resulted in M Restaurant saving £57,715 over the term of the new contracts. Fidelity Energy now checks our bills to ensure these are correct and proactively contacts us about the existing contracts to make sure we are always on the best deal. As a fast-growing chain of restaurants, we need an energy partner that works with us and supports when opening new sites. Fidelity Energy has taken all the stress out of procuring our new energy supplies; we would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy for its services.

TELCA 2019 Awards Finalists

The finalists for the 2019 TELCA awards have been announced.

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for two TELCA ’19 awards, hosted by Energy Live News. On 23rd May it was announced that Fidelity Energy had made the shortlist for the Most Trusted Consultancy (SME Customer) award, sponsored by British Gas Business. Then, earlier today at 11.30am, Energy Live News posted that we had also made the shortlist for the Consultancy of the Year award, sponsored by EY.

The Awards:

Energy Live News states the Most Trusted Consultancy (SME Customer) award is for: “Any broker or consultant who can demonstrate their integrity when it comes to their customers, business dealings and reputation. A highly desired prize!” They also state the Consultancy of the Year accolade is for: “Any broker or consultant excelling at looking after its customers, staff and supply chain”. The awards are hosted by Energy Live News, who provide award-winning, independent energy news every day.  An exclusive Black-Tie event will be held on the 26th of June at the Institute of Engineering and Technology. An after-party will then follow the ceremony for the 400 guests, aboard the Silver Sturgeon, one of London’s premier river cruiser. We are all feeling very honoured to be shortlisted for not one, but two TELCA awards. It is a huge nod to all the great work everyone on the team puts in and a wonderful way to finish the month! Congratulations to all the other finalists, we look forward to celebrating with you all aboard the Silver Sturgeon! If you would like to be a part of Fidelity Energy, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss becoming a partner. Fill out our Contact Form and a member of the team will be able to answer any questions! Resources: Energy Live News

Record-Breaking Streak for Solar Power

On Monday 13th May, the bright and clear conditions helped the UK solar industry break its generation record, hitting 9.47GW at noon. This surpassed the previous record set in May 2017 of 9.38GW. Then, just 24 hours later, the record was broken again, with solar power hitting 9.55GW on Tuesday. Fintan Slye, Director of the National Grid, said: “As more and more renewables come onto our system, coal-free runs and solar records like this are going to be a regular occurrence. We believe that by 2025 we will be able to fully operate Great Britain’s electricity system with zero carbon.” This comes just a week after the UK broke another record. The country went for 193 hours and 25 minutes without using coal power to generate electricity, for the first time since 1882 (read the blog post to find out more). On Tuesday, the renewable power source supplied more than a quarter of the UK’s energy needs for the day, with coal power again being made redundant.  

The generation mix for Tuesday’s solar power record-breaking run:

Tuesday 14th May - Electricity Generation Mix Whilst the milestone has been welcomed, the UK solar sector has stalled in recent years due to a number of challenging policy and regulatory issues, including proposed changes to the way reduced-rate VAT is applied to solar as an energy-saving technology and unfair business rates for organisations that install solar on their buildings. This calls on the government to address them, which industry figures argue is holding back wider deployment of the technology. Solar power now provides around 4% of electricity for the UK and is the country’s most popular source of energy. In a report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), solar was identified as the technology with the single biggest technical potential to tackle climate change. So record-breaking runs like these are a step in the right direction, especially when climate change is hot on everyone’s agenda.     Resources: Solar Trade AssociationIPCC  

The UK Passes One Week Without Coal Power!

As reported yesterday, the UK has broken records.

For the first time since 1882, coal power has not been used to make electricity. The increased use of renewable energy means coal power stations are required less when the demand is low. On the 1st May at 1.24pm, the last coal generator was able to be taken off the system and we are currently still sitting at zero. Most of the country’s power has been generated from combined cycle gas turbines. Renewable, nuclear, and solar power have also contributed a significant amount to be able to meet the demand. electricity This landmark occasion comes shortly after David Attenborough’s latest BBC documentary “Climate Change: The Facts”, was aired on the 18th April 2019. He said: “It may sound frightening, but the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies.” The UK government pledged to phase out all electricity supplied by coal power by 2025. In a statement, Greg Clark, the business and energy secretary, gave praise to the momentous achievement. “Going a week without coal for the first time since the Industrial Revolution is a huge leap forward in our world-leading efforts to reduce emissions, but we’re not stopping there. “To combat climate change and seize on the opportunities of clean growth, we’re phasing out coal entirely by 2025 and building a cleaner, greener energy system. “We lead the world when it comes to tackling climate change and we want to carry on breaking records, which is why we’ve put foundations in place to allow our renewables sector to thrive.” He also added: “We’re now on a path to become the first major economy to legislate for net zero emissions.”  

How can we help?

  You can find out more on how to reduce your carbon footprint, read our How Do I Reduce Carbon and Business Energy Costs? blog post. If you are interested in switching your business’ energy and going green, we can help you. All we require from you is a copy of your latest bill. We can then start the process of reviewing your energy spend and look at how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Send your energy bills to or call us today to find out more.

Energy Live Personality Awards shortlist revealed!

The shortlist for the Energy Live Personality Awards (ELPA) has finally been announced.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted by Energy Live News for Customer Service Team of the Year and Sales Squad of the Year at Energy Live News Personality Awards 2018. The winners of the 11 awards will be revealed at a glittering ceremony on 6th December aboard the Silver Sturgeon, London’s premier river cruiser.

Fidelity Energy hits £100m

After hitting the ground running at Comms Vision just three years ago Fidelity Energy has powered past the £100 million Total Contract Value (TCV) milestone. For many ICT resellers, adding energy services to their portfolio may seem a distraction from their core activities, but Fidelity Energy Managing Director John Haw believes the operations centre he has established, combined with the Ambolt partner portal perfected by Fidelity Energy’s IT genius Howard Richards, means over 300 resellers will be selling energy services to customers by his third anniversary as Managing Director. “The last three years have gone in a flash, but we would not be where we are without our amazing group of ICT partners,” commented. “They are all entrepreneurial go-getters who identified the opportunity diversifying into energy brings and have embraced it successfully.” Fidelity Energy now has a broad church of channel partners across a broad range of businesses, noted Haw. “Our partners have signed up major sporting venues, housing associations, care home, hotels, restaurants etc, and on average we are securing 250 new customers a month, 90 per cent of which are signed using our DocuSign platform.”

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Ten Interesting Renewable Energy Facts

Green energy is increasingly a popular choice these days and economical around the world. Here at Fidelity Energy, we’re working hard to promote renewable energy. We know it could solve so many of our worries like climate change on a global scale, air pollution in our towns and cities, and acidity in our oceans.

Let us embrace new renewable technology and take a look at ten facts that reveal what the future could hold for all of us…

1. Renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power, now generate almost a third of the UK’s electricity. 2. The main forms of renewable energy are: solar, wind, hydro, biofuel and geothermal and these sources are all continually replenished. 3. Just 1 wind turbine (25% output) can generate enough electricity to power over 1,000 (average UK homes). 4. Amazingly, as of 2017, China builds 2 wind turbines every hour! 5. Renewable energy creates 5 times more jobs than fossil fuels. 6. Solar power may account for the world’s main source of power by 2050… 7. And Europe and North Africa could run on 100% renewable energy by 2050. 8. Around 71% of the planet is made up from water, so it makes sense that this is currently the most commonly used renewable source. Providing the energy for over 28 million people. 9. In 2016, Portugal made history by running on renewable energy alone for 107 hours. 10. Megabucks: the renewable energy industry is growing fast. By next year, the global market is expected to be worth £600 billion! Hopefully, these facts have provided some insight into the incredible world of renewable energy and the endless possibilities that are all around us. Read our How Do I Reduce Carbon and Business Energy Costs? blog to find out how to cut your carbon footprint and save on your business energy bills. Resources: OVO Energy, Cleantechnica, Wind Watch.

Three Myths About Switching Energy Provider

The other day we spoke to one of our Business Development Executives here at Fidelity Energy to find out the most common myths and misconceptions she hears when speaking to business owners on a daily basis. Read on to see the top three energy switching myths debunked! When was the last time you switched your energy supplier? What’s been stopping you?

1. I will have to pay hidden fees Here at Fidelity Energy, we are happy to be transparent with our clients, the team has over twenty years’ experience so we know the angles. You won’t be charged additional fees for using our services. Furthermore, we will get in touch when your energy contract is coming to an end and help you switch again, this way you won’t go on the standard variable rate, which can be considerably expensive. With us, you switch once and we will help you switch forever. 2. Can price comparison websites be trusted? A lot of people can sometimes be under the false impression that comparison websites are nothing more than marketing websites and a scam. The truth is that we want to find a better deal for you and collate all the energy suppliers’ prices, and then we put that against your energy usage to ensure that you’re on the best energy tariff. We do the hard work, so you don’t have to. We will check the Big Six energy suppliers, as well as independent suppliers so you get the most competitive prices possible. Do you still need convincing? Check out our testimonials. 3. I don’t have any time to switch energy supplier We understand you’re time poor – time is money and you’re strapped for time. So how can you even start to think about your energy bills? Well, you don’t have to – let us use our automated platform to compare 10,000s of tariffs for your electricity and gas. That way you will have more time and probably money! Give us a few details, sit back and we will see if we can save you money. What could be simpler? What do you have to lose? You may be able to reduce your bill by 44% today! Not ready to change right now? Why not in the meantime take a look at our How Much Money is Your Business Losing Through Wasted Energy blog.

How Much Money is Your Business Losing Through Wasted Energy?

Do you know how much energy is being wasted by the main appliances and electronic devices your business uses? You probably have no idea that some alterations can help you save hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year. Let start off with some math to work out the amount of energy and money your business could be potentially wasting. A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the unit of measurement we will use; if an appliance’s energy usage is measured at 1kWh it basically means it uses 1,000 watts in one hour. One kWh will typically cost around 15 pence. Now let’s look at some devices we have in the office and how much money is wasted. Man in officeLaptop/Computers Every workplace will have computers in use for most of the working day and in some cases, they will be on for 24/7. A desktop computer that is idling will typically use about 100 watts (tower and monitor combined) which is 0.1 kWh – 1.5 pence. Let’s say you’re away from your desk for lunch, meetings etc. for three hours per day so your computer isn’t in use. Now we can use this information to work out how much money is wasted for any period of time: 1.5 pence x 3 hours = 4.5 pence/day. That amount doesn’t sound like much, but you have more than one computer in the office. Let’s say you have 50 in your business each idling for three hours a day: (4.5 pence x 50 PCs) x 260 days = £585 per annum (based on a 5-day week 52 weeks per year). Light Bulbs Lighting Now we can take a look at your company’s lighting, using the same calculation: A light bulb typically uses 60w of electricity when on, which is 0.06 kWh, or 0.90 pence per hour. Let’s say that again your lighting is on for three hours unnecessarily, then for every 50 light bulbs you are wasting: (2.7 pence x 50 light bulbs) x 260 days = £351.00 per annum. Old Appliances Did you know that even if you switch off an appliance it will still use energy if plugged into a switched on plug socket? These ‘Vampire’ appliances add on average 14 percent to annual domestic electricity bills according to the Energy Saving Trust, costing UK households nearly £1bn in wasted money. This problem can also affect businesses. Fidelity Energy - Reducing Energy Usage in the Office If you have TVs, laptops, desktop computers, printers and phone chargers that are not in use in the office make sure to switch them off and unplug them, this will save your business money. Being mindful of the above could potentially see hundreds of pounds knocked off your business energy bills. Still want to know how you can reduce your carbon and reduce your business energy costs? Read our useful seven simple steps to cut your business’s carbon emissions, save energy and money blog.