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Machynys Golf

Machynys Peninsula Golf Country Club is a golf club based in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, South Wales. A Nicklaus designed 7,121 yards modern links golf course, Elemis Premier Spa, Gym and Health Club, featuring first class food in the Machynys Bar and Brasserie, complete with Golf Academy and Driving Range. A true jewel of Welsh golf courses.

After opening in 2005, Machynys hosted the R&A Seniors Open Amateur Championship, having previously hosted the “R&A Boys Home Internationals” in August 2007 making the club the youngest golf course ever to be chosen as an R&A championship venue.

They said:

Jim Anderson

Chairman at Machynys

Fidelity energy has supported Machynys Golf and Country Clubs business energy needs across the whole spectrum of our energy portfolio. This trusted partnership has ensured we have maximised and enjoyed the benefit of lower energy costs, whilst at the same time alleviating us from the time consuming business of dealing with multi-supplier contracts and challenges that we had previously had to face and deal with in the past.

Now that Fidelity energy manage all our energy requirements and portfolio, we have been able to focus on other similarly important areas of our business, whilst retaining control of the final decision making process on our energy suppliers made from Fidelity energy’s clear and precise spread sheet analysis and recommendations, detailing our companies best options to maximise energy savings together with the most viable contracts that enabling us to develop budget certainty .

The Challenge

The main aim for the club was to stay on top of its many electric and gas meters. They wanted to ensure they could take advantage of the best pricing in the market at a given period and to secure budget certainty for the longer term, whilst lowering the clubs cost to run as a business.

In supporting the above Machynys needed help to get back the valuable time that was being spent on managing their utilities.

The Solution

Let the energy experts manage the portfolio from searching the market to handling energy contracts and supplier negotiations.

Secure fixed rate, long term contracts at the best available rate to provide budget certainty.

Forward purchase future rates to ensure meters never fall out of contract, saving time and money for Machynys.

The Results

The main result we have seen is the time and stress we have saved. I would have previously spent days trying to handle issues with suppliers and it took the team at Fidelity, with their in-depth knowledge of the market place, no time at all to resolve it their side.

The trusted relationship we have with them is priceless and means I can focus on other areas of the business knowing our energy is being expertly managed.

Iwan Rees

Financial Manager at Machynys

Kia Oval

The Kia Oval is the home ground of Surrey Cricket Club and is a world-famous international Cricket venue.

They had been with their energy broker for some twelve years before coming to Fidelity Energy. Having been dissatisfied with the level of service, pro-activity and investment into the partnership of their previous broker, Fidelity Energy was their first port of call.

Due to the size and usage of the stadium, their energy costs were extremely high and had been creeping up for some time. They had become aware that, at the time, oil prices were at a 10-year low and felt that they were not receiving the benefit of that low price.

We began by scouring the market for a solution that would fit them. Most paramount was lowering energy costs and ensuring they were kept low for as long as possible. Therefore, we focused on looking at ‘future prices’ of energy so we could find the best fit.

What we were able to supply was a procurement selection process that resulted in a five-year fixed price for their energy prices.

This saved the Kia Oval over £97,000 on their energy bills across the term of the contract.

This contract started in November 2016, the same percentage saving in today’s market would be closer to the £250,000 mark. A massive chunk of costs to wipe off any company’s bottom line.

They said:

Scott Carey

Operations Director, KIA Oval

Fidelity Energy took control of our energy procurement requirements from start to finish and have provided an exemplary standard of service from the outset. We have been extremely impressed with the professional approach that Fidelity Energy have adopted during the tender process. Their forward-thinking approach throughout has not only resulted in significant savings for The Kia Oval over our new gas and electricity contracts, but has also given us the confidence that we are now paying the most competitive tariff available. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy as a first class ‘energy partner’ for any business interested in keeping energy related expenditure under control.

Bath Rugby Club

Bath Rugby Club have their headquarters in a Grade 1 listed building. This makes energy efficiency a major issue. Their usage was substantially higher than a comparable modern building.

The club’s growth had also raised energy costs as usage became more and more necessary and more and more common.

They were keen to start proactively managing their energy requirements and hopefully lower their costs in the process. Introduced to Fidelity Energy through our partnership with the RPA, we began looking into their energy consumption.

We then began managing the process through from start to finish. Dealing with their existing suppliers and helping to negotiate contracts with new ones we set about formulating a solution that would fit their requirements.

Taking the entire process from start to finish we were able to make the club a large saving on their energy costs. On top of which we were able to secure favourable contract lengths and end dates.

They said:

Alex Cohen

Bath Rugby Head of Operations

Fidelity Energy have committed to partnering up with the Bath Community programme to help support the clubs and local business so they can also benefit from the same level of service and get the expertise available.

We now have a dedicated account manager within Fidelity who proactively manages our accounts allowing us to focus on the running of the club. Knowing that the club is in safe hands and this area is being looked after by the experts gives us peace of mind.

As the energy market becomes more volatile there has not been a better time in take advantage of the services Fidelity Energy can offer your club or business. The specialist knowledge they provide can help proactively secure the best available rates and find a suitable solution for your individual needs.

We would recommend any club or business to take full advantage of the no obligation review to see how they could benefit.

Fidelity Energy can help your business sell energy to your clients, call us on 08000 48 48 00 or email us at We would be delighted to hear from you.

Banbury Cricket Club

Banbury Cricket Club are the leading Oxfordshire Cricket Club, playing their Cricket in the ECB Home Counties Premier League.

With first teams, youth setups and reserve teams all using the facilities regularly as well as offering meeting facilities and venue hire they had a substantial energy bill. They began by looking for a way to fix their energy costs, reducing their overheads and allowing them to manage future expenses more effectively.

They needed to engage the services of a company who could take control and manage the process for them. With both the Club Trust and the Club’s Ltd company requiring energy management they instructed Fidelity Energy to manage the transition.

Our expert team began with assessing the current energy bills and usage of the cricket club. We could then engage our suppliers, working out the best method for providing the ideal solution to suit the club’s unique situation.

With the complexities that existed we had to call on our all resources and employ a range of strategies to secure a deal that give the club what they were looking for. This resulted in a deal that provided the club with a fixed rate, fixed term at a saving on their original contracts.


Martin Phillips

Chairman, Banbury Cricket Club

Fidelity Energy has been acting for Banbury Cricket Club as our energy broker recently. We have found them to be pleasant and most efficient and worked hard to obtain some very favourable prices, fixed for a lengthy period of time. Banbury Cricket Club has an unusual make up, consisting of a Club Trust and a limited company. It was therefore a fairly involved and a one-off set of circumstances, but Fidelity Energy saw this as a challenge and not an insurmountable obstacle. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy to any sports club looking to make savings on energy bills.

Woking & Horsell Cricket Club

We recently helped Woking and Horsell Cricket Club make significant savings on their energy bills. We could tell you all about it, but Trevor Woods, the club secretary, has done such a sterling job of it, we’ll let him tell you.

Trevor Woods

Secretary, Woking & Horsell Cricket Club

I attended the Surrey Cricket Foundation Dataquest Club Conference at The Oval on March 20th. This is an annual get together of Surrey Cricket clubs to share best practice amongst clubs in Surrey, to inform clubs about what is going on in Surrey Cricket and to have a chance to speak with suppliers. marketers of cricket and cricket related goods and commodities.

One suggestion in the paperwork sent to all clubs in advance, was to visit the Fidelity Energy booth at the conference armed with your club’s latest gas and electricity bills and Fidelity Energy would see if they could find a more economical solution for your club’s energy needs.

During the lunch break and with some trepidation, I approached their desk at the conference. They explained what Fidelity Energy did and how they operated and took a copy of my bills and promised to get back to me within a day or so. It was far less painful than I expected and they were friendly and clear in their approach and did not force anything upon me or my club. Fidelity Energy came back to me within 24 hours of our meeting and presented me with estimates for the possible savings that could be made if we were to switch energy companies and sign up with a new supplier that they had found on our behalf.

This was a very attractive offer, which showed savings of nearly £5,500 in our energy bills over the next 2-3 years. This was a very attractive proposition which needed my club’s “Committee approval” before we could proceed. This unfortunately delayed our take up of this offer by a couple of days, by which time the estimated savings had reduced slightly. However, within a few days we had signed up with ENGIE Energy Solutions and the deal was done. All energy companies buy their fuel “ahead” and with the current oil prices just starting to rise again after being at a 10 year low now is the best time to really look at your club’s energy bills. With saving like ours being possible, you never know, your club might be able to afford that long awaited project after all! I suggest you contact Fidelity Energy as soon as possible to see what your club might be able to save. There is no harm in asking the question.

Locker 27

Locker 27 is a gym in Addlestone, Surrey. With a large premises and high number of users they had noticed that their energy bills were slowly creeping upwards.

Worried about the rising cost of their energy bills they sought out a solution. This naturally led to Fidelity Energy. As ever, our first step was to take stock of their energy usage to understand where their energy bills were racking up.

After this, we were then able to start the process of finding solutions that would bring down their energy costs. Our skilled energy procurement team worked through our wide-ranging and extensive list of suppliers to secure a new contract for the client that would deliver on all their needs.

Once a suitable solution was found, our team then began the process of migrating the client’s energy suppliers to the newer, cheaper providers. Taking care of everything for them we endeavoured to make it as pain-free a process for the client as possible.

This allowed them to get on with running their business, whilst our team oversaw their energy procurement migration. Leaving them with the outcome they wanted from the start, cheaper energy bills.

The client said:

Matt Church

Director, Locker 27

As soon as my company sent the first email to the team at Fidelity Energy, they have been nothing but professional and approachable. The level of service has been exceptional, prompt and hassle free. As every business owner knows, with all the energy required to run a business, this is exactly the sort of service that is required. They were open and honest from the off and delivered a significant saving on our utility bills for our performance facility. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy to any business looking to lower costs on their commercial utility bills.

Horley Cricket Club

Horley Cricket Club first engaged Fidelity Energy with the request that we find a way to save them money on their energy bills. Having a long tradition of working with sports clubs, we were only too happy to help.

As with every client with whom we work, we began by looking at the club’s current energy bills. These told us their average spend on energy and helped us understand the makeup of their energy usage. By assessing the club’s general energy use, we can understand what times of year their energy costs are the highest and understand what factors may effect those times.

After which, it was then a matter of going out to our wide network of suppliers and looking for a better solution.

Our diverse and experienced team can call on a wide range of knowledge and industry expertise to ensure that the best deal can be found.

Furthermore, our team take on the responsibility of migrating the energy contracts to the new providers. Dealing directly with the energy companies, many of whom will fight tooth and nail to hold onto clients. All of which allows us to take the burden of transferring suppliers off of our client as well as saving them money.

The club were extremely happy to see a significant saving made on their energy bills, resulting in a long term reduction in overheads. Fidelity Energy works with sports clubs, locations and establishments of all kinds to provide cheaper energy solutions.

The club said:

Judith Beck

Club Treasurer, Horley Cricket Club

Horley Cricket Club (Oxfordshire) used Fidelity Energy Limited recently to investigate the Club’s energy costs. In all dealings with them, the Club found them courteous and always professional. They have saved the Club money on its energy bills and Horley Cricket Club would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Walsall Football Club

Fidelity Energy, continuing our strong tradition of working with sporting establishments, recently helped Walsall FC make substantial energy savings.

Before our involvement, the club’s average yearly spend on energy was extremely high and represented a significant dent in the club’s bottom line. By working closely with the club’s officials and board members we were able to understand their needs and requirements. We were able to get a complete picture of their energy usage.

From there, using our expertise in energy procurement, we began formulating a solution that would fit around their needs, provide them with the same level of service and yet, save them money.

Our expert team, using their knowledge and understanding of both the energy sector and the client, worked on a way to put together a new energy package. This included negotiating with the club’s existing energy providers and managing the switch to the newer, cheaper providers. Walking the client though the process each step of the way, we ensured that we took the stress of changing energy contracts away from them.

The Fidelity team, all very experienced in migrating energy contracts, handled everything. From start to finish, we took the lead and made sure that we delivered what our client truly needed – better value for money from their energy providers.

The club were extremely satisfied with the outcome, having made a significant saving and locking in their energy prices for the next five years. Our long-end procurement is a sure-fire way to maintain energy costs at manageable levels for a significant period.

The club said:

Stefan Gamble

Chief Executive Officer of Walsall Football Club Ltd

Walsall Football club found working with Fidelity Energy extremely easy and straightforward and helped us save a substantial amount on our energy costs. The advice and proactivity has been outstanding and they have been a pleasure to do business with.