Reasons to become a Partner

Market leading commercials

Fidelity Energy offers attractive commercial models that understand our partners’ needs.

Partner Portal

Our market leading portal will prepare prices in seconds for electricity and gas procurement. Partners can choose the terms on offer and prepare customer facing proposals, contracts and even have them signed electronically across all of our suppliers.

Full Sales Support

Knowing the angles and how to win deals is critical in Energy procurement and management. Our experienced team have great rapport with the suppliers and know how to get the best from them. Cheapest isn’t always best and we can move the goal posts using technology to monitor and lower usage.

Marketing Support

At Fidelity Energy, we offer all our partners access to a full range of marketing material. These include monthly e-shots, brochures, website and all our content is designed to be white labelled into your own brands.

Complete Admin Support

Automation is our mantra and we use our CRM system to carry out the tasks that can prove so challenging to many suppliers. Furthermore, our dedicated team will handle any challenging objections, rejections, HH data requests and meter installs, allowing to to focus on selling energy and building your business.


Fidelity Energy offer a true partnership model; we run an open book policy on all the commercials and don’t have any sneaky hidden charges. We understand the partner channel and how important your customers are to you. We will never do anything to jeopardise any of your customer relations.

Marketing Support

At Fidelity Energy, we offer all our partners access to a full range of marketing material. These include monthly e-shots, brochures, inserts and all our content is designed to be white labelled into your own brand. Let us know the quantity you need and we will get you the best price. The cost will be charged against the future commissions due, so there are no upfront costs to get these to you. Take a look at the marketing material catalogue and place your order by emailing

Our Portal

Fidelity Energy has designed and built a proprietary Energy Quoting, Sales, and Management tool for Business – Ambolt

Quoting Tool

Ambolt instantly compares 1,000s of pricing tariffs from all our recommended suppliers. These tools shows all suppliers and terms (up to 5 years out). Suppliers can be added or removed at the click of a button and the preferred terms selected. Pricing in the energy market tends to change on a weekly basis, it can be frustrating constantly updating quotes. Ambolt however offers an instant market refresh with one click. Ambolt allows partners to review the same prices that would manually take hours to do through contacting the suppliers individually.

Sales Tool

Too much of a sales team’s time is spent personalising proposals and filling out pricing sheets. Ambolt creates a bespoke customer proposal at the click of a button with a full comparison and E-contract. This can be sent direct to the customer from the Ambolt and the platform then allows for an email to be sent to the customer.

Safe mode

Ambolt has a built in safe mode which allows users to present the comparison in customer facing mode. This allows users to sit in front of a customer, in person or via a screen share, to walk the end user through the tariff available to them. The Ambolt user can decide which suppliers and terms to include and which to exclude depending on the customers’ requirements.

Management Tool

Ambolt allows partners to access all of their customer accounts, where they are along the switching process and allows partners to complete contract renewals and extensions at a click of a button. The platform has an inbuilt renewal pipeline to ensure that our partners have everything necessary to retain their customers and cannot forget a re-sign. ‘By using the Ambolt platform we have been able to increase product saturation, bottom line profits and the sales team’s commission payments,’ Jack Michalski, CEO, Welcome Telecom
The process is so simple it can be completed start to finish in less than 3 minutes…

Click to Create… (30 seconds)

Simply enter the company name or number and Ambolt does the rest; looking up all company details and prepopulating them to the site. A credit check is automatically completed via a third-party credit company. This allows us only to show tariff options and suppliers available to this end customer based on their credit score. Finally, a post code look up also saves time when adding a customer address and preventing errors flowing through to the contracts.

Enter… (2 minutes)

Add Meter Information for your meter Meter information, usage, rates and contract end dates should all be on the customer bill. With this information added, Ambolt can quote for this meter. Ambolt will also help you convert all those complicated options to the correct format, whether that is pence per day or annual quantity. Ambolt has built in converters to cover all these.

Compare and Contract… (2 minutes and 30 seconds)

Generate quotes from Fidelity’s carefully selected suppliers for 1 year – 5 years At a click of a button, Ambolt reviews every available tariff and compiles a comparison page for the partner. Ambolt partners are then able to see suppliers ranked in best value for the customer, for each term. Partners then select the saving, chose the term and recommended supplier. Ambolt then creates a white labelled PDF comparison, end user proposal and contract. This is all sent from the portal mirroring the Ambolt user’s email address. Contracts can be signed electronically and the customer journey is complete. The Ambolt Platform has been developed to take the pain away from selling energy to your customers. We appreciate that for our partners’ energy may not be the core business and therefore, Ambolt is designed to enable their teams effortlessly add energy to their offering with no operational requirements.

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