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Banbury Cricket Club

Banbury Cricket Club are the leading Oxfordshire Cricket Club, playing their Cricket in the ECB Home Counties Premier League.

With first teams, youth setups and reserve teams all using the facilities regularly as well as offering meeting facilities and venue hire they had a substantial energy bill. They began by looking for a way to fix their energy costs, reducing their overheads and allowing them to manage future expenses more effectively.

They needed to engage the services of a company who could take control and manage the process for them. With both the Club Trust and the Club’s Ltd company requiring energy management they instructed Fidelity Energy to manage the transition.

Our expert team began with assessing the current energy bills and usage of the cricket club. We could then engage our suppliers, working out the best method for providing the ideal solution to suit the club’s unique situation.

With the complexities that existed we had to call on our all resources and employ a range of strategies to secure a deal that give the club what they were looking for. This resulted in a deal that provided the club with a fixed rate, fixed term at a saving on their original contracts.


Martin Phillips

Chairman, Banbury Cricket Club

Fidelity Energy has been acting for Banbury Cricket Club as our energy broker recently. We have found them to be pleasant and most efficient and worked hard to obtain some very favourable prices, fixed for a lengthy period of time. Banbury Cricket Club has an unusual make up, consisting of a Club Trust and a limited company. It was therefore a fairly involved and a one-off set of circumstances, but Fidelity Energy saw this as a challenge and not an insurmountable obstacle. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy to any sports club looking to make savings on energy bills.

Woking & Horsell Cricket Club

We recently helped Woking and Horsell Cricket Club make significant savings on their energy bills. We could tell you all about it, but Trevor Woods, the club secretary, has done such a sterling job of it, we’ll let him tell you.

Trevor Woods

Secretary, Woking & Horsell Cricket Club

I attended the Surrey Cricket Foundation Dataquest Club Conference at The Oval on March 20th. This is an annual get together of Surrey Cricket clubs to share best practice amongst clubs in Surrey, to inform clubs about what is going on in Surrey Cricket and to have a chance to speak with suppliers. marketers of cricket and cricket related goods and commodities.

One suggestion in the paperwork sent to all clubs in advance, was to visit the Fidelity Energy booth at the conference armed with your club’s latest gas and electricity bills and Fidelity Energy would see if they could find a more economical solution for your club’s energy needs.

During the lunch break and with some trepidation, I approached their desk at the conference. They explained what Fidelity Energy did and how they operated and took a copy of my bills and promised to get back to me within a day or so. It was far less painful than I expected and they were friendly and clear in their approach and did not force anything upon me or my club. Fidelity Energy came back to me within 24 hours of our meeting and presented me with estimates for the possible savings that could be made if we were to switch energy companies and sign up with a new supplier that they had found on our behalf.

This was a very attractive offer, which showed savings of nearly £5,500 in our energy bills over the next 2-3 years. This was a very attractive proposition which needed my club’s “Committee approval” before we could proceed. This unfortunately delayed our take up of this offer by a couple of days, by which time the estimated savings had reduced slightly. However, within a few days we had signed up with ENGIE Energy Solutions and the deal was done. All energy companies buy their fuel “ahead” and with the current oil prices just starting to rise again after being at a 10 year low now is the best time to really look at your club’s energy bills. With saving like ours being possible, you never know, your club might be able to afford that long awaited project after all! I suggest you contact Fidelity Energy as soon as possible to see what your club might be able to save. There is no harm in asking the question.