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360 Group

Energy is turning full circle for 360

Cambridgeshire based reseller 360 Group has warned comms and IT providers to start selling energy to customers before energy brokers move into their territories.

“If you aren’t selling energy to your customers, someone else is and you are leaving the door open for an energy broker to walk in and review their comms as well”, said Group Managing Director Russell Davis, who is now successfully selling energy services to his customers alongside Fidelity Energy.

Davis also believes ICT solutions providers should bear in mind the reputation they have built for quality of service when considering adding energy supply to their portfolios.

“We are utilising our current relationships and trading energy under our trusted name and brand as energy companies get such bad press for the service they offer. We are used to winning through effort and knowledge of our market. We are inspired to maximise our efforts. Everything we do, we do well.”

360 have solid experience of embracing new technologies and their services now encompass a full unified communications suite complemented by IT services and a growing IoT (internet of Things) division.

When exploring the energy opportunity Davis was pleased to re-engage with Fidelity Energy MD John Haw, who he knew well from his previous Managing Director role at Gamma.

“John understands we have a loyal customer base who trust 360 Group. Utilities are required by all our customers and I know we have a better relationship with them than their current energy supplier and with Fidelity Energy’s commercials and sales support we have been able to offer a compelling service to our customer base.

“We have done well to date and we are building on the success month-on-month as our experience with energy grows and we are better equipped within the market place. I am confident that we will have a successful energy arm in 2017

“Fidelity offers full support on every opportunity so all we do is get the bills and they advise from there. We are now at the point where we can self-serve through their portal, but Fidelity are always on hand to help if needs be. Fidelity also offer full sales support and now with a fully integrated E-signature option on their portal you can add a customer, credit check them, get quotes from 20 suppliers, and receive an e-signed contract within 10 minutes compared to the standard 1-2 day turnaround from most brokers.”

Find out how Fidelity Energy can help your business sell energy to your clients, call us on 08000 48 48 00 or email us at partners@fidelity-energy.apple-dev.co.uk. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Powering past the £50m Milestone!

We are pleased to announce that as of last week we have secured over £50m worth of energy supplies since our launch 3 years ago.

By changing the way businesses procure their electricity and gas we have been able to empower our partners to service their client needs through our simple and effective portal. MD John Haw said:
This is a significant achievement for the business and testament to the work the team and our partners have put in.  The portal, a set of exclusive renewable energy offers and marketing support are giving our partners an edge in the market. Couple that with their strong customer relationships and it’s a winning formula.
Our recipe for success lies in our proven expertise and leading edge technology which allows us to:
  • Buy at the right time by constantly monitoring the market. We can forward buy our clients’ energy at the low points in a constantly fluctuating market.
  • Typically save a client between 10 and 20%, and in some cases up to 50% off their current bill.
  • Understand a business and tailor our solution to lower usage. Our team of dedicated account managers will work with clients to agree a smart meter roll out. Smart meters can drastically help cut energy bills.
  • Multiple suppliers. We contract with 17 major energy companies who all bring different skills and pricing. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each client
  • Supplier Vetting: We also heavily vet suppliers we add to the portfolio. We don’t let suppliers with poor service or billing standards into the supply chain.
To find out more contact us today.

Paul’s top tips on selling in an increase

In the current market the devaluation of the currency, an increase in government EMR charges imposed on electricity, plus an 85% increase in oil prices since early 2016 ($28/barrel has risen to $52/barrel – still relatively low compared to the all-time peak of $140/barrel) means an increase in gas and electricity prices for the end user. In a market like this the resounding message to your customers should be to lock in their energy prices today to mitigate the risk of having to procure in a potentially higher market in the future. The prices you can obtain will not only be the cheapest in the market, these prices will be locked in for the period specified, allowing your customers to secure their energy prices long term and avoid any nasty surprises with yearly renewals. Ask your end user this simple question: If you could have secured your petrol prices for the next 5 years at 99p a litre last year, would you have done so? The answer of course would be yes… the same principle applies with energy. Take a small increase now, secure long term at today’s prices and ensure budget certainty. It is also worth remembering that the current wholesale energy price in the UK is still 60% cheaper than when the markets peaked in 2008, so it shows you the possible upside where the UK energy markets could once again reach over the next 5 years. A good short story to use in relation to this is that recently back in July 2016, British Airways brought all their fuel needs for the next 5 years… If it’s good enough for British Airways, then that’s good enough for me. Paul

Paul’s top tips on Objection Handling

As with all sales inevitably you will get objections to the sale, these objections when handled correctly however can give the customer increased confidence and lead to you winning the deal. There is a well-established way of handing objections, which consists of three key elements:
  1. Go with the flow – when someone raises an objection don’t be upset, roll with the punches. A initial response like “sure no problem” will often help take the sting out of the initial exchange.
  2. Normalise the objection – when someone raises an objection they feel uncomfortable and thus if not handled well it can lead to the customer becoming unhappy. Try to make them feel like the objection is one that is often raised and therefore not at all unusual for them to flag it. For example, if a client says “I am not comfortable with a 3 year contract as its too long”, the response would be “sure no problem, long term contracts are often a consideration for my customers”
  3. It’s about attitude – don’t tell what you cant do, tell them what you would like to before presenting the problems / barriers. For example, “I would love to be able a fixed price in the market for the next three years without the need for a contract, however the energy company will effectively commit to buy the energy for the next three years, that’s how we can prevent the prices from moving.”
There are of course some common objections that raise their heads, so here they are along with some example responses: Objection – “I am in contract for another 8 months and can’t move to another supplier” Response – “Sure no problem, most of the people I talk to are in contract, it’s a good thing as it means you wont be paying high out of contract rates. While I would love to be able to move your supply tomorrow, that of course isn’t possible however what we can do is agree a price today for a contract the starts the day after your current contract expires, we can also manage the whole switch process for you and move you to the new supplier. You won’t need to look at this again and you will have the budget certainty that prices wont rise further on the new contract. Objection – “I am happy with my current broker” Response – “Sure no problem, 80% of UK businesses buy through a broker, however not all customers who use a broker are getting a good deal. Let me ask you, do you know what a good rate on electricity is today? How do you know that the rate you are being shown is the best one out there? If you send me across the bills, I can have a look for you and if you are getting a great deal from your broker I will let you know. Objection – “What if prices go down when I have a fixed contract?” Response – “Sure no problem, that is a question I am asked frequently by my customers. I would of course love to be able to give you lower prices if the market drops, however the way the market works is that we agree the price today for the next 3 years. This is of course protects you should the market rise. If the market does fall we could look to extend you contract and agree a new price from the supplier that starts when your current contract expires. That effectively gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a good idea to hold a team meeting to ask the team for the common objections and practise how you respond to them. If you need further help feel free to email me. Thanks Paul. Paul

Locker 27

Locker 27 is a gym in Addlestone, Surrey. With a large premises and high number of users they had noticed that their energy bills were slowly creeping upwards.

Worried about the rising cost of their energy bills they sought out a solution. This naturally led to Fidelity Energy. As ever, our first step was to take stock of their energy usage to understand where their energy bills were racking up.

After this, we were then able to start the process of finding solutions that would bring down their energy costs. Our skilled energy procurement team worked through our wide-ranging and extensive list of suppliers to secure a new contract for the client that would deliver on all their needs.

Once a suitable solution was found, our team then began the process of migrating the client’s energy suppliers to the newer, cheaper providers. Taking care of everything for them we endeavoured to make it as pain-free a process for the client as possible.

This allowed them to get on with running their business, whilst our team oversaw their energy procurement migration. Leaving them with the outcome they wanted from the start, cheaper energy bills.

The client said:

Matt Church

Director, Locker 27

As soon as my company sent the first email to the team at Fidelity Energy, they have been nothing but professional and approachable. The level of service has been exceptional, prompt and hassle free. As every business owner knows, with all the energy required to run a business, this is exactly the sort of service that is required. They were open and honest from the off and delivered a significant saving on our utility bills for our performance facility. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidelity Energy to any business looking to lower costs on their commercial utility bills.